Monday, July 18, 2011

My Baby Girl

My baby girl is 3!
She wanted eggs and toast for breakfast,
French fries and icecream for lunch. And mac and cheese for dinner. Anything for my baby!
We filled the day with a trip to Liberty Park.
Playing at the playground,
Riding the rides,
And Inara's favorite, swinging!
Inara's one request for her birthday was a purple cake! And gosh darn it, if my baby girl wants a purple cake, a purple cake she is going to get!
I also made these cookies because truth be told that cake was super gross.
Oh ya, these guys were there too.

Inara is the best little girl in the whole world! She is so sweet, and so smart, and so beautiful! I love hanging out with her. She's such a ham and she knows she's funny and that just makes it all the funnier. Inara is also pretty shy. She usually prefers to play by herself then in a big group of kids, but one on one she is really friendly and sweet. She is super sensitive too. Spencer calls her his little peach because she bruises like a peach. You could just look at her wrong and she'll get her feelings hurt. It's actually really cute. I love her so much! My favorite thing about Inara right now is how prissy she is. She hates dirt and water. She won't leave the house without her shoes on. And she's always got headbands, crowns, rings, bracelets and the like all over.
Here she is taking cover from the rain at the 4th of July parade. Were you there? It rained like 3 drops. But it was too much for prissy little Inara.

And here all of my and Steph's kids were playing in the sand and river. Not Inara though. She needed to stay way up on the table. Just to keep her necklaces from getting dirty I guess!
And lets not leave out her always being in a princess dress! And that she always asks for an apron before she eats.
She's just the best girl in the whole world!
Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Friday, July 8, 2011

So far...

So far this summer we have...

...watched lots of fireworks...

...gone hiking...

...visited friends...

...spent lots of time with these two...

...dressed up and watched the 4th of July parade...

..and gone swimming. It's perfect. I can't wait for the rest!