Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ride 'em Cowgirl!

Aliah is the funnest little treasure. She's so happy all the time, and even on those rare occasions that she's throwing a tantrum, she's still so cute because this tiny little girl is throwing herself on the floor and crying the fake-est cry she can muster. She's such a joy. Here she is riding a saddle in Mexico. Yes just the saddle. She looks so happy though, you'd think she really was on a pony. Do you like that I dress her just like me? In jeans, tunics, and shrugs. She looks so cute trendy.

Thanksgiving '07

Here are a few pics from our Thanksgiving vacation in Tucson. We had a great time, and I loved the warm weather. You can't really tell, but I am a teeny tiny bit tanner! We went to the Grand Canyon. It was incredible. Neither Spence nor I had been there before and we were blown away. I knew it was deep, but I didn't have any idea it was so big! We found out that you can hike down one side, over, and up the other! It takes about two days. We're planning on trying it next summer. (Did you know I hike now? Last summer I hiked up Timpanogos Mt. for the first time. I didn't quite make it all the way though. We were trading off carrying Aliah and we had our dog Mika, it just proved too much for me. We turned back at Emerald Lake.) We had Thanksgiving dinner at Mimi's Cafe. I was almost in tears because I forgot to ask for no gravy on my food so I thought everything was so gross. I didn't eat anything and I think it was the worst Thanksgiving dinner ever. I don't think I will ever eat out on Thanksgiving ever again! Everyone else thought it was amazing though. Since we were so close we hopped the border to Mexico. It's fun to say that Alaih's been there. It was really dirty but people sold a lot of cheap stuff so of course we bought some junk.

My Chair

Okay it doesn't look like much, but this is without a doubt the worlds best chair! Just ask my sister Abby. It's good for sitting and watching TV in, it's good for reading in, it's good for snuggling with my baby girl in, it's good for sleeping in, Spencer even says it's good for playing video games in. So here's the story: Years and years ago we had a chair just like this (and I mean JUST like it, I can't find a single difference so far.) and my mom threw it away because it was falling apart and some of the stuffing was coming out I think. Well Abby wasn't going to have that so she went outside and saved it from the dumpster, took it down to her room and has had it ever since. Many have tried to borrow the chair, commondere the chair, and even steal the chair from Abby to no avail. In fact so many people have asked for the chair that Abby has actually willed it to me. Abby has even taken it across the country to Virginia where she now lives. That's how great this chair is. make this story even longer, I found this twin sister chair at DI a couple of weeks ago and just about fainted! I ran to the chair and sat down commanding Spencer to go to the front of the store and buy it while I sat in it to stake claim. Now I have my own perfect chair and I've never been quite so happy.

Little Red

We had so much fun dressing Aliah up as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween this year. Spencer's mom made that cute little cape for Aliah. We all looked so perfect. I love dressing up together. I'm sure it's going to get really hard as we get older and the kids want to be different things, but until then I'm gonna run with it. I'm hoping to be pregnant one year so we can go as trolls!

Refinishing Floors

Here are Spencer and I refinishing the floors in our new house. Good for me huh. Do you see me using that huge machine? It was so heavy and a couple of times pulled me away and Spence had to grab it. The floors are really pretty now, red oak. I love it, but it's quite hard to keep clean. You have to sweep twice each time. Once with a regular broom to get the big stuff, (Aliah is always dropping her food on the floor.) and once with a Swiffer to get all the dust.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I thought I would add some old pictures since I just got started with this whole blogging thing. Here is a picture of Aliah at her 1st birthday party. It was a Hawaiian theme party and we had so much fun. We had the party at the park and for some reason the wind was blowing so hard it was blowing the table clothes off, along with whatever was on them. Then to add to it, it was so hot the frosting melted off all of the cupcakes and was dripping all over the table. I was so distraught. Nothing was going as planned and I wanted everything to be amazing for my baby. Like she cared!! But we did eat yummy food, including snow cones!

New House

We finally have our new house. It turns out it’s totally in the ghetto, but we didn’t realize that before we bought it. It was a great adventure when we first got there. The heater was broken and the electricity kept turning off. Spencer figured out that there are only three breakers for the whole house, and when he fixed that it took care of the heater. I am very grateful for that. But we still can’t have more than two things plugged in at a time.

Pony Tails

AHHH! This was basically my favorite day ever! Aliah finally had enough hair for pony tails. I was so thrilled! And now she has to have pony tails every day. I think I can count the number of times she hasn’t had pony tails since this joyous day.

Aliah's First Steps

Who knows how to get this off it's side?

Swimming Lessons

Aliah and I took swimming lessons this summer. That's my friend Amber next to me with her baby Ethan. He's two weeks younger than Alaih. We had so much fun being pregnant together. Another girl we worked with, Colette, was also pregnant. Her baby Leyton, and Amber's baby Ethan have the same birthday. It's so much fun to see them grow up together.

Visiting Oregon

This summer we went to a family reunion in Washington, so naturally we went over to Oregon to visit Steph and Lacey. Here we are at Multnomah Falls with Lacey and Cole. I love Lace and Steph (and all my other girls) so much, they make me be myself without even trying, and it’s so refreshing to just be, and feel confident in that.