Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oh Sad Neglected Blog

Oh sad neglected blog. I had big, huge even, plans to run home from our awesome anniversary getaway back in Feb and tell you all about it. It was SO AWESOME! We went to my best friend Andra and Daryl's wedding and it was so special to think that forever we get to share that special day with them. After their delicious luncheon we went to the Salt Lake temple. I had never been inside that temple before. The live session is SO COOL! I'm certain that if I had gone there when I took my endowments out the first time I would have understood a little better everything that I was learning. After the temple we changed into some fancy clothes and ate dinner at Caffe Niche. It's certainly the trendiest place I've ever been. And get this, this is what I ate, and ENJOYED! Toast with goat cheese and balsamic vinegar, winter squash with honey, goat cheese, and candies walnuts, lamb tenderloin with herb roasted fingerling potatoes and marinated artichoke hearts, and for dessert flour-less chocolate cake. It was AMAZING! Did I make you hungry? Anyway we stayed at a hotel that night. It's always fun to do something different like that even when you are only 45 minutes from home. The next day we went to Mimi's Cafe for waffles and then to the movies. It was BY FAR the best anniversary ever! It ended with a bit of a sour note though because when we got home my purse was stolen and we lost our camera and Spencer's phone. I had so many pictures of all of our awesomeness through the whole weekend, but they are long gone now. That brings me back to my sad neglected blog. We haven't bought a new camera so I haven't had any pictures to post! Today I figured out how to hook my phone up to the computer so I'll be able to start blogging again! Yeah for thiefs so that I get a fancy new smart phone!