Sunday, August 10, 2008

Aliah's Birthday Fun

Well we finally had a birthday party for Aliah. It was full of fun and BUGS. Here are some highlights.
Antenna making.

A Bug Stomp.

Pin the Stinger on the Bee.
Dirt cups for dessert.

And last but not least Swat the Fly. (This video is really lame, but I couldn't get the good one to upload. You can get that we're hitting a pinata though. At least I hope so.)

Thanks to everyone who came, and thanks for all of the amazing presents. Aliah was definitely spoiled. She got lots of clothes and toys and books, a bike AND a scooter! She has plenty of new things to share, so everyone come over and play! We'd LOVE to see you!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

2 Weeks of being a Mom of TWO!

Here are the latest and greatest pictures of Inara. She probably doesn't look any different to you, but I think she's already getting huge.

We didn't have nearly as busy of a week but it was still lots of fun. We did have Aliah's birthday. Here's Inara at Chuck E Cheese's.

She didn't like it much, but at least she looked cute. (Can you believe how huge that flower on her head is? It might eat her alive, I'm not sure.)

She spends most of her time sleeping. I think she's so gorgeous!

What a fun two weeks it's been. The biggest challenge I've run into so far with having two kids is who to put in the car first. Do I let my toddler run around the parking lot while I get the baby in, or do I leave the baby sitting in the parking lot while I get my toddler in? It's hard to say. I'll just take Spencer everywhere so I don't have to worry about it!