Monday, January 23, 2012


I just made Aliah's spotlight poster for Kindergarten. She thought it was awesome to feel so special and have me come in and brag about her in front of all of her friends. But as a great consequence of that, my hard drive is connected to my computer and I can post some fun pictures of our trip to the aquarium a couple of weeks ago!
I love that fish behind them!
Inara was really worried that the sharks were real. She wasn't so sure they couldn't get through the glass to eat her.
This was the funniest part. Do you see that alligator in there? Kimball LOVED it. He was growling at it and trying to get its attention. Even after we moved to look at other stuff he kept running back and growling at it some more. I think we should get him an iguana or something. He'd think it was the coolest thing.
These little guys were my favorite. I'm determined to have them as pets someday. Aren't they so cute!
And here is why we went. Aliah had studied penguins all week at school. And they had just celebrated with a penguin party that day. Aliah dressed up in black and white and made me fix her hair like a macaroni penguin. I figured going to see real penguins was the perfect way to end the week. It was a really fun trip!

Friday, January 13, 2012


Does your blog go through droughts? Mine obviously does. So does my picture taking. Here is the ONE picture I took at Christmas. The kids in their Christmas PJ's. (And one my awesome SIL Ashley took for us.) Hopefully the new year will bring a storm of blogging. We'll have to wait and see.