Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sick, sick, sick!

The sickest thing in the whole world just happened to me! Spencer, Aliah and I were at the mall tonight and Aliah was playing on some of the kids toys by the entrance. Suddenly I realized that me leg felt wet from my thigh to my calf, I looked down and saw that I had smeared mud all the way down my leg. Well I thought it was mud until a moment later when I started to smell something. I quickly realized it wasn't mud on my leg, it was poop! I told Spencer we needed to leave right away because I was so grossed out. Spencer had picked Aliah up by now and we realized he had it on him also. It was in fact coming from our daughter. I'm just so embarrased and disgusted at the same time.


Stephanie said...

That's really gross. I'm so glad that you felt it was appropriate to share that on your blog. It would have been so sad if I hadn't known about this experience (said with much sarcasm)


Holy CraP! HAhahahahaha!

Adventures in Irish said...

Been there, done that, glad to be out of that stage! NASTY! Always keep a packet of clorox wipes in your purse when you have a toddler.
Oh, and we are so excited that you are having another Aliah! That is awesome!