Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Loves

My Valentine's Day was full of all of the things I love most.

My kids

My Hubby

My Crafts

(Goodie bags for the girl cousins.)

(Clipies for Aliah's hair.)

(Books for Grandma and whoever. I still have two.)

How was your V-Day?



So cute Kels! Love you! I need to come scrap with you!

cyndo.y.eric said...

Love the hair clips...saw those on her darling little head yesterday! didn't know that was the making of your craftiness. Ours was great...spent it together and got a big box of see's candies, just what I wanted!

Andrea said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! It was fun to see you and your darling face and darling Inara. Sorry I had a coughing fit! We went to lunch and then played rock band with steve and rachel. It was fun!

Stephanie said...

That's it! I have to have those clips!

Milko and Eve said...

Kelsey, you are so crafty! How do you find time for all that with two children and a husband?! Amazing! :)

I kept wanting to scrapbook lately... I think I will have to wait when this semester is over though.

Good job on all the crafts! They all look very nice.