Monday, April 20, 2009

Your Best Hour

Visiting Teaching was great today. How is it that I always learn more then I teach? This month the message is about studying the scriptures. The dear sweet sister that I visit teach taught me a great lesson today. She said, what are your best hours? Are they right when you get up, or when the kids are napping maybe? During my best hours I always sit down at the computer to read blogs or play computer games. We should be studying our scriptures in our best hours, instead of cramming them into a busy schedule or falling asleep to them because it's just before bed. (Unless of course just before bed is your "best hour.") If we do that we are bound to learn more, and fell the great spirit that studying the scriptures brings into our lives. That's my challenge to all of you! Study the scriptures in your best hour, then do everything else.


Stephanie said...

Well, I'm inspired! My best time of day is morning for sure. If nothing else...I'll be doing it tomorrow for sure! I promise to try and keep it up


Thanks Kels. Guilty of wasting my "best hour" I pledge as well!

Sarah said...

I do need to do better, but right now I don't have a best hour, I always feel like falling asleep.