Friday, July 31, 2009

Free Sham Wow

Do you have one of these?
(The Sham not the guy.)
I do.
It's the greatest invention for anyone with kids or pets.
(I have both so it's used daily around these parts.)

Here's a link to a little freebie. ****** You just fill out a small survey (seriously small) and give them your address and email. They don't want any credit card info or anything. They say they are sending you the free Sham Wow for filling out the survey but I'm thinking the way they can give it away is because they sell your information. Not a really big deal. A little more junk mail. One thing I do is I have two different free email addresses (gmail, and hotmail). I use one for regular emailing and the other just to sign up for stuff or order things online. Then I don't get any junk mail in the email account that I use daily. It works well for me. Anyway I thought I'd pass this on because
everyone NEEDS a Sham Wow,
and anything that is FREE is good!


cyndo.y.eric said...

Thanks for the tip! I just completed the survey. I also have 2 emails, and one is for junk so I'm not too worried about them selling my information. I'm excited to get stuff is always the best! If you know of any more free anything, post it!


Kels....I'm going to do that! But that guy is seriously CREEPY!