Sunday, October 4, 2009

Check It Out! Check It Out!

Inara is walking! Hurray! She's getting old and I was starting to get nervous that the pediatrician would think something was wrong. (Okay I'll admit it, I was worried they would think she was dumb.)

Doesn't Aliah look great? She fixed her own hair. (I'm so glad that it was bedtime so that I didn't have to take her into public like this.) My girls are the best!


Stephanie said...

Yeah for Inara!! I sure do love those first little steps. Your girls are so beautiful.

Sarah Shelley said...

I love that!!!! Aliah is going to be a heartbreaker!


Aliah cracks me up. I've all but given up on saving Caitlyn from looking like a FASHION FAUX when I get weird looks from people when she wears weird stuff I just smile and say "she's 4!"