Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Trouble Maker

I wish I had pictures, I really do. But I'll sadly be disappointing you again.

Do you all remember that I didn't want a boy? I'm well over that and I couldn't love this little man inside me any more then I already do. It's insane. I don't remember loving the girls this much before they were born. (Though I'm sure I did.) Let me tell you why I didn't want a boy. Boys are trouble makers! This little bugger is no exception! I've been given a lot of grief because I have such easy pregnancies and quick deliveries... well unfortunately this one is not going nearly as well. And I'm sure it's just because it's a boy! (Girls must know that they will be mothers someday too and take it easy on us or something.) So I'm 37 weeks today. (Wow right!) The baby is breach. Or worse yet he's "transverse lie." Apparently that's the worst kind of breach. It means that his shoulders want to come out first. (OUCH!) See if you can wrap your head around this statistic, I can't. 3%-4% of babies are breach at 37 weeks and of that 3%-4% 1 in 300 are "transverse lie." So they'll try to turn him, (50%-60% chance of working) and if they can't then it's a C-section for me. Yuck. It's funny because I was totally set to have him naturally and everything, so of course something complicated had to come up so that I won't be able to. So I just have to let out a little "I told you so!" about how boys are trouble makers! Maybe you'll get lucky and I'll have pictures of the little guy next time I post. (But honestly, how can you look at that little face of Charlie's right below and not just love little boys!)


Christina said...

I have to kind of laugh at you post because jackson was transverse too and they had to turn him. Hopefully they'll be able to turn him for you.

Miriam said...

Good luck Kelsey!


OH MY GOSH!!! KELSEY!!! I'll pray they can turn him. Little STINKER! Love you girl...keep us posted.

Sarah said...

Erica was more trouble than michael coming out so girls can be just as much trouble. I do hope he turns though and comes as easy as the others have.

Logan and Michelle said...

Charlene told me that Logan was her only breech baby. She leaned a board against the bed and laid down on it on her side...UPSIDE DOWN. She did this 3 times a day for 20 minutes until he turned. Now that's love!

After hearing that, I feel like Logan needs to give his mama a bouquet of pretty flowers or something.

I hope they will be able to turn that baby boy of yours too! He'll definitely owe you for causing so much trouble.