Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I love lilacs. They were one of my mom's favorites too. I think it was a tender mercy from Jesus that when he created the earth he made the lilacs bloom just in time for us to take a big bundle with us when we visit my mom every May 17th. It's the perfect way to remember her, and remember the beauty she brought to earth.


Sarah Shelley said...

Love you! Love your mom!

Heritage said...

Ashlee sent this to me. Your mom is such a special friend to me. We had some great times raising our children together. I remember the great big bush by your back door. Thanks for sharing

Lauren Clyde said...

What a sweet blessing ;o)

I just found out today that my nephew & neice are going to be in the Joseph Technicolor play also! We're going to it for sure so we're excited to see Spencer!!! My neice & nephew are Kaleb & Karly Christensen by the way. I don't know their parts but tell Spencer to look out for them ;o)