Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Most Amazing Woman in the World!

Okay I'm a week late but I just have to post about this amazing lady! Mom died eight years ago now, but I fell like she's alive and well in my memories. Originally I didn't have a lot of childhood memories, but as I experience motherhood and wonder what my mom would do I somehow suddenly recall fun stories. My favorite one of the week is walking into her room to ask her a question after she was in bed. If you walked in and just asked she ALWAYS had an answer. For example, "Mom who invented the pen?" Answer: "Mr. Bic." I'm pretty sure half the things she said were totally false! Anyway, if you walked in to ask her a question while she was trying to fall asleep so would try to stop you and turn you away. She'd say, "Don't ask me anything or I'll be up all night." (Thinking about it.) The reason I suddenly remembered this was because in the middle of the night I was still up (not up again, still up) thinking and thinking about what Spencer and I had been talking about as we (or I should say he) fell asleep. I was more tired then usual the next day. But I LOVED this new memory! I'm proud though to say I'M TURNING INTO MY MOTHER! She's just the right person to turn into if you ask me.


Stephanie said...

That is an awesome story. I can NOT believe that it has been 8 years. Did we really start college 8 years ago? Crazy. I miss your mom. My favorite thing about her was she loved when we would play the piano and sing, even if we were interrupting one of her shows. Also I loved her bread. It was always exciting for me when the kitchen was busy with bread making. Let's both of us just become our moms and be best friends. That would be swell. I love you both Kelsey and Karen!


What I remember most about your mom is that she was so quick witted. She always had a smart remark to our bantering....even when she was sick. love ya kels....your an amazing mom and I am sure she is so proud of you.

Jamie Green said...

Kelsey I miss your mom too. Mostly I'm sad that the grandkids miss out on so much, not knowing her for now. Turning into your mom is the perfect thing!