Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden

It turns out that having to weed the garden for a chore as a child does not make you a master gardener. At my request Spencer helped me plant a garden this year, and it is far from thriving. So far we've lost a couple of peppers, a tomato, quite a few melons, and no peas are coming up. (Along with so many others I won't bother listing them all.) But on the bright side, the corn is looking great and the broccoli and onions are starting to peak through. We'll have to see how bountiful the harvest is in a few months. I pray for it to be good. We put a lot of work into it so I just had to post the pictures.

Spencer cutting up the sod to make room.

Tilling in some good dirt.

And planting.

With Aliah's help of course.


Colette said...

How fun! I'm sure if it was my garden everything would have died. I seem to have a talent at killing plants :) Good luck!

Heidi said...

I've found that gardening is trial and error. I've had my fair share of things die but I'm starting to get the hang of it. You have to start somewhere and think how awesome you'll be at it in 10 years. It's totally worth it and very rewarding. Keep it up!

The Palmers said...

you're awesome!! so ahead of me!!
love ya!