Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Fun Couple of Weeks

We have had a fun couple of weeks! School's out and I'm LOVING being a stay at home mom! It's going to kill me all over again when school starts back up in Jan. I'm so happy to have been home for all the fun stuff the girls have been doing though! Inara started rolling over, and eating rice cereal. She LOVES it! She's always grabbing the spoon and pulling it into her mouth.

And Aliah has started potty training, again. She's really not any more into it then she was last time. It's just something for her to do if she's in the mood really. (It's nice to have my own cheer leader though for when I go. Each time I flush I get a "Yeah Mommy! Big girl Mommy! Treat Mommy." It's great. And I do always get myself a treat! :)) I realize it's much more work then I'm willing to put into it. But if I don't do it now when I'm home from school, when will I?

The girls also met Santa for the first time. Or course Inara couldn't have cared less, but Aliah didn't want anything to do with him. Well I take that back, she wanted his candy, but wouldn't sit on his lap or talk to him.

The girls are growing up way to fast! And they are having a lot of fun playing together. For all of you out there (and there happen to be a bunch) who are pregnant with your second baby, two really is better then one! Here's a little preview of the great things to come!

Telling secrets. (Sitting in a toy bin. Don't ask, I don't know.)

Watching movies. (I think Inara looks like Steph's baby Sage in this picture.)

And genuinely having a good time doing everything together. It's really easy to get Aliah to do things now because all we have to say is, "Inara is doing it." Works every time. Except once when I wanted to cut the girls nails. Instead of agreeing, Aliah ran away yelling, "Nawa no, hurry, it's owie!"

Oh I love these little treasures!


Logan and Michelle said...

You have the cutest babies. Inara's smile just brightens up my day every time. Its so big and genuine. Do you ever look at your two kids and just tear up thinking how blessed you are? It must have been the hormones, but I remember always bawling at that thought when our Sammy was first born.
Thanks for sharing your treasures!

Krista said...

Kelsey Green?! Is that really you?! I can't believe it. Jessica Reidhead told me she found you and I am so glad she did. I have been looking for you on myspace and facebook but I hadn't found you. You look wonderful! What a cute family. I hope life is going well for you. merry Christmas. Krista Bingham


this makes me want to have another girl so caitlyn can have a sister. They are so darling