Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Easter!

I know I'm way late. My camera was lost, but my family so graciously took pictures of my kids for me. I got them in my email today, and I couldn't wait to post pictures of my adorable girls!
Of course we had an Easter egg hunt and Gma and Gpa's.

(I love this picture. I think it perfectly illustrates Easter egg hunts.)

Aliah and Sammy searching.

Aliah (and Joanna) bragging.

Aliah and Daddy checking out her loot.
That egg had $1. Spencer found an egg with $10! Hurray!

No holiday would be complete without a craft! I made a bunch of shirts with bunnies on them and matching flower clippies, but I gave them all away before I got a picture. So if any of you who got one wants to take a picture and send it my way, that would be awesome!

This is Inara's Easter basket that I made this year.

Here's a close up of the fabric. I LOVE it!! I've never been very good at picking coordination fabrics before, but I think I did a good job on these so I want to show them off!

It's BY FAR the hardest craft I've ever made. I got better and better so the top is much nicer looking then the bottom. But oh well! There's joy in the learning of it!


TGPalmer said...

We missed you at play group today! Hope Inara is feeling better! These are the best pics ever! Your girls look adorable in their dresses!
And p.s. that basket is awesome! I am not that creative at all!
Love ya,

Sarah Shelley said...

Ummm...I will never be as crafty as you. You are amazing!!! I love the basket and of course your girls are adorable!!! I especially like the look on Inara's face in the picture of the both of them by the front door.

Sarah said...

Cute dresses, it will be fun to buy Easter dresses in the future. Aren't holidays way more fun with kids, they get so excited.

Effie said...

Great work Kelsey! That's awesome!


How did you make that?? Caitlyn would love that craft!! You are so creative kels! And your daughters are so sweet together. I love it!

Reece and Lindsey said...

Your girls are so darn cute!!! And you are unbelievably creative!!! How in the world did you make that basket? It is adorable!!