Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Big One

My baby is

Can you believe it?!
We've gone from this

to this

in one short year.
We celebrated with cake

and Nara's favorite

Can you tell?

Inara is such a bundle of joy! I can't believe how lucky we are to have her in our family! Her personality is through the roof. She smiles at everyone. Even strangers at the store will stop to say hi when she gives them a toothy grin. She can wave and she can clap. And she sings when we're driving in the car, and always dances if there is music on. It is so sweet to see her grow up and become her own person. I'm so proud of her and how good she is when putting up with Aliah. She's always just a sweetheart no matter if she's getting loved or shoved. Inara is such a blessing. I couldn't wish for a sweeter baby. She's perfect, and I love her more then I can even understand.



Ben, Ashley, and Nate said...

It's amazing how big she has grown already! Your girls are adorable!


She is a perfect little thing! Love ya!

Sarah said...

Happy birthday Inara.

Colette said...

Wow that seems like it went way too fast. She is a doll just like her sister. Happy Birthday Inara!

Joe and Abby and Avonelle said...

I love that little sweetheart. She was such a pretty newborn! I love her toothy grin, she is such a cutey. I love her fireworks face. Give her a big birthday hug from me.

Anonymous said...

nice little one that p=ssy is almost ready