Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spencer is writing this.

I try not to post on here very often, but I had to tell this story about Aliah, and Kelsey is napping so she didn't see it first hand. We just came inside from playing in the snow.

I know cute right! How I ended up with the two cutest girls in the world I'll never know. (Although Erica (Dunaway) gives them a run for their money and it's hard for us to admit.) As we were playing in the snow three horses came by. Aliah dropped everything and ran to the sidewalk to watch them go by. She stood as still as the snowman who had only just had his eyes put on. She didn't move a muscle until they were well out of site. I stood back on the porch and watched her slowly sink down to sit in the snow. She sat there for a minute without looking back.

"What's the matter Aliah?" I called. She slowly turned her head over her shoulder without looking up from the cold snow and through a choked voice said, "Dad . . . I wish I had a horse." Then she burst into tears. I ran over to the sidewalk and sat down beside her in the snow to try and console her.

Those are the moments where you would give up all your dreams just to make that sweet little wish come true. Luckily for her, Daddy wants horses too!

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Sarah said...

I agree that Erica is very beautiful, as well as your little girls.