Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fun Filled January

I didn't have a New Years Resolution to take more pictures, but I happen to have one for nearly every day in Jan. I thought I'd share a few with you!
We started out the year sledding with our cousins!
Aliah went to her first day of Sunbeams, and Inara went to her first day of Nursery.
We made homemade pizza,
practiced the piano,
and played with Daddy.
Aliah learned about the Statue of Liberty,
and now thinks this is the appropriate pose for every picture.
Inara continued her obsession with having her shoes on at all times,
and little toes continued to pick up glitter and track it all over the house.
This was the best night by far. We had show tunes blasting, I was washing dishes, Spencer was folding laundry, and these two little princesses were dancing the night away!

I hope your January was as fun filled as ours!


Stephanie said...

I love that you've had reason to take so many pictures in the usually boring month of January! That's fantastic! I sure love those little girls of yours. I can't wait to meet the little man. :)


Oh my...those glitter toes KILL me! SO so adorable..and I love Aliyahs face when she smiles..with that scrunchie so cute!

Milko, Eve, and Allison said...

Thank you for posting these! You guys are awesome! It's always fun to go through your blog :)