Monday, May 17, 2010

My Favorite Time of Year

The middle of May is my favorite time of year. School is out, it's finally warm outside, and I get to spend a lot of time with family. This year is especially nice because little Kimball is a month old.
The first "Family Holiday" we get to celebrate is the anniversary of when Spence, Aliah, and I got sealed.
Now I get to have these lovelies forever!
Next we celebrate Mothers Day. These are the best Mothers Day flowers I've ever gotten!
Aliah also gave me these awesome coupons.
Our last Family Holiday is the anniversary is the when my Mom died. I'm so grateful for her. You know after she was diagnosed with cancer people would often ask her if she thought she was going to die, she would always tell them, No, I have to raise my children. I can't die till Kelsey graduates from high school. That seemed like a long shot because I was only 4 years old. But she had the most perfect faith of anyone I've ever known and she did just that. She died the very week I graduated. There is no better example of faith and prayer in my life. What a wonderful legacy she left!

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Logan and Michelle said...

What a sweet post! I wish I could have met your mom...such a strong and faithful woman. I'm sure she's pleased with the woman/mama you've become. I've learned so much from you as a mom.
And that Kimball is such a cute little guy. Can't wait to kiss those cheeks again!