Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Three Weeks

My little buddy is three weeks old now.
Here are a bunch of pictures of us lately.

Did any of you watch your baby boy get circumcised, or am I the only one that morbid? Look at that little torture chamber! So sad!
Most of Kimball's life has been spent in this bili bed. Something weird was going on and his jaundice got worse and worse because of his nursing. Breastmilk jaundice they call it. Who knew?

The girls have been wanting to sleep together, so rather then get Inara out of her crib we just put Aliah in. They think it's great fun.

Blankets and thumbs. What more could a little girl want?


Sarah said...

Wow I can't believe it's already been three weeks! I need to see him again, it's been to long.

Sarah Shelley said...

He is just so precious! What a great addition to your other two gems! I love your little family! I also can't believe you watched the circumcision! How brave! Thanks for sharing!

Reece and Lindsey said...

He's adorable!! And of course, your girls are darling! I really miss seeing them at church! Such a beautiful family! =)