Thursday, September 2, 2010

Another Goodbye

I have another sad farewell to tell you about. If you've seen me any time in the last 5 years I'm sure I was wearing these shoes.
I'm so sad to say goodbye. I remember exactly when I bought them at Target at about 10P.M. with Emily. I was pregnant with Aliah. I remember thinking 'These will be perfect this summer when my feet are all swollen.' Little did I know I would wear them everyday the weather permitted for the next 5 years. Goodbye shoes. You were worth more then the $7 I paid for you!

Because I don't think I should post just about my shoes, here are a bunch more pictures of our summer.
Thanksgiving Point with some of the clan.
Spencer wins PBL National President.
A little Sass.
Inara's 2nd Birthday
I gave away a bunch of Aliah's toys so we took pictures so she could remember them.
Pony rides at Thanksgiving Point.
Inara was scared to death. I forced her cause I'm such an awesome mom.

4th of July.
Kimball is obviously thrilled to model the shirt I (okay, mostly Charlene) made.
4th of July Fireworks.
Stewart Falls.
Dress Up.
I even make the boy match. Cause that's how I roll.
All the men that blessed Kimball.
Lindon Pool (a.k.a. Scariest day of my life.)
Hogle Zoo.

Devil's Kitchen.
7 Peaks for NuSkin company party.


Sarah Shelley said...

So, I was going to post this on your last post, but didn't..but could your kids get any cuter!!!?? Seriously.

I'm sad for you that your wonderful sandals are no more.

p.s. What happened at the Lindon pool to make it the scariest day of your life?


Hahaha! Love this post. The WHOLE THING. But I'm not going to make a specific comment on all the pictures....cause "that's how I roll." hahaha.