Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Six Months!

1 Month
2 Months

3 Months

4 Months
5 Months
6 Months
Kimball is the best kid in the whole wide world!!!


Lauren Clyde said...

Wow, Kelsey you just made my day! I realy appreciate your comment. I feel like I have a hard time "fitting-in" here in Utah. Especially after just coming back from California, I'm really sad that I had to come back! (We just got back last night)... I do love it here, it's Beautiful, right!? But I don't feel like I can relate to alot of peeps. All those things you said about me I feel about YOU woman! Remember we're going to live by each other & share a farm okay. I'm going to hold you up to that lol!!!

Stephanie said...

yes he is!