Sunday, October 3, 2010

This Week was Brought to You by the Letter A

A is for Apple.
Aliah style...
...a.k.a. covered in glitter.
Aliah is learning the Alphabet at preschool. I'm sort of obsessed with making sure she learns it well because I know she needs to learn to read next year. So I've got a weeks worth of activities, crafts, and food for each letter. So last week was letter A.
A is for Alphabet.
Aliah had a great time trying to spell things. But mostly she just put a bunch of letters together and made me try to pronounce them.

A is for Alligator.
A is for Animals.
We went to the pet store, and this has never happened to me before, but it honestly took ALL of my will power to walk out of there without a puppy. They had my two favorite dogs of all time, a beagle and a pug! And they were affordable! I honestly about died.
A is for Annie.
I'm trying to force the kids to love movie musicals. So far so good. Aliah can sing Tomorrow, and it is the cutest thing in the world, if I do say so myself.
A is for Arby's.
You can only eat so many Apples in a week so I thought this was a good idea.

A is for Aliah.
This girl just is my everything! She drives me nuts, and makes my heart swell with love at the same time. She loves to sing and dance. She's great at art too. Her drawings are so cute so I'm gathering a bunch to frame to put up in her room. She's easy to teach, and loves to learn. She's such a great thinker, and super observant. The other day she said, "It smells like rain," and sure enough about 15 minutes later it started. A couple of weeks ago Spencer was eating in the car and Aliah wanted some. It was a really messy food so Spencer told her no we don't eat in the car. She said, "Dad, you're eating in the car." Spencer said, "I know sweetie, but I have a lot of practice." Aliah's clever retort was, "Well Dad give me some so I can practice." She tries super hard to be obedient. The best thing about my sweet Aliah is the spirit she brings. She is always teaching me lessons, asking forgiveness, or reminding me to say sorry and not get mad. She's such a joy and a blessing. She makes my whole life worthwhile.
Letter A was so much fun. I'm super excited for letter B this week. Stay tuned!



wow.. what a good mom you are. love ya kels....and I love the glitter apple by the way

Logan and Michelle said...

"A" is for AWESOME. Looks like so much fun! Aliah is such a special girl. Joanna misses her tons :)