Saturday, March 26, 2011


I took the kids to the Discovery Museum at the Gateway this week. It was an epic fail. Remember THIS post I made about when we went to the Treehouse Museum in Ogden? I expected to have the same wonderful experience. Boy was I wrong!

Not only is it way overpriced, it was super super full.

Where are my kids? I couldn't tell either. It was like Where's Waldo!

Plus it was super dirty.
See kids, the hooks are there for a reason!
Toys were just everywhere. No one was having their kids clean up after themselves or keep the toys at the right display so when you got to the next part, like the store for instance there were no shopping carts or food because other kids were walking around with them all over the museum. Seriously people!

And the other little ones were so mean! As I was trying to take this picture some little bugger who I would guess was about 6 walked straight up to Inara, grabbed the hat off her head, and pulled on the dress hard enough to unlatch the velco in the back and make it fall off her shoulders! I told her it wasn't her turn and looked around for her parents, they were nowhere in sight. No parents was a trend I spotted. I think I had to discipline like 15 kids while I was there.

Despite how miserable I was, the kids didn't seem to mind, and I did manage to snap a few good pictures.

But you better believe I'm NEVER going back!


Reece and Lindsey said...

Your kiddos are seriously adorable!!! And you are such fun little mama!! I love your blog =)

Cynthia said...

I felt the same way. If we hadn't had it on our Salt Lake City pass I would have felt seriously cheated. If the kids have fun, I guess that is what counts! Come to St. Louis and try our Children's Museum :)

Abby Warden said...

First I just love Inarah's megawatt smile. It looks like a cool museum to bad you didn't have any fun.