Monday, March 7, 2011

I did it!

I did it! I actually posted two weeks apart like I promised I would! I thought you might like a peek into my daily chaos.
In the A.M. we sit around in our skivvies for as long as possible.
Mommy puts Kimball to work on the chores.
We watch the boob tube till Aliah has to leave for school.
Then mom looks around and wonders if anyone else's Christmas decorations are still piled behind their couch. (No? Just me?)
The girls get out every toy possible and then never play with them.
Instead they play with things that I'll have to wash later.
We complete the nightly ritual of a song and dance show.

(Remember how the girls don't leave Kimball out?)
Do you sometimes use your kids clothes to leave subtle hits for Daddy? (No? Again, just me?)
And then it's off to bed. Getting the kids to sleep can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 3 hours. Can you relate? What a perfect (if only I were richer) life!


Andrea said...

Love it. You are so funny!

Heather said...

Loved this post!!!!!