Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Spencer has been traveling a lot this past year as part of his responsibilities as FBLA-PLB National President. But the last trip he was sent on was just up in Layton, and he had his own hotel room, so we tagged along!

To kill time while Spencer was working we went back to the Treehouse Museum.
The girls were getting hungry so they decided to cook the squirrel for lunch. I advised against that and instead took them across the street to picnic on the Odgen Temple grounds. The weather was wonderful and the flowers and fountains were so beautiful.
The girls thought staying in a hotel was the coolest thing they had ever done. We stayed up late munching on snacks and watching TV till everyone was tired enough to fall asleep at the same time. Staying at a hotel with kids is tricky!
The next morning we went to hear daddy give his speech. It was great, I would put the video on but you can barely hear Spencer over the kids crying and me yelling at them in a whisper to be quiet. All in all a bad idea, but we managed to make it through the two hours by dragging them out into the hall for timeout a lot.
We finished our "Staycation" with a trip to the Hill Aerospace Museum before heading home.
The best part about the trip was that the kids fell asleep at 4:30 when we got in the car to drive home and didn't wake up until the next morning! Best nights sleep I've had in a LONG time. Haha. It was tons of fun and I think we're gonna take more small trips like this in the future. It's fun to feel like you're doing something special even though it's not expensive and you're close to home.

P.S. This handsome little devil will be ONE next week. Eek! Can't wait for his party.

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Abby Warden said...

Those kiddos get cuter everyday I swear. It looks like a fun trip. The hotel room part sounds like a blast, just like a slumber party. I agree that the roast squirrel was a bad idea.