Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Little Red

We had so much fun dressing Aliah up as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween this year. Spencer's mom made that cute little cape for Aliah. We all looked so perfect. I love dressing up together. I'm sure it's going to get really hard as we get older and the kids want to be different things, but until then I'm gonna run with it. I'm hoping to be pregnant one year so we can go as trolls!


Stephanie said...

Oh my word. I kidd you not, that is probably the custest thing I've ever seen. You are grandma, Spencer is the wolf, and little bitty Red is Aliah. I've been inspired!

Colette said...

You guys look great!

awarden said...

SO CUTE!!! But why do you have to be pregnant to be a troll?