Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Chair

Okay it doesn't look like much, but this is without a doubt the worlds best chair! Just ask my sister Abby. It's good for sitting and watching TV in, it's good for reading in, it's good for snuggling with my baby girl in, it's good for sleeping in, Spencer even says it's good for playing video games in. So here's the story: Years and years ago we had a chair just like this (and I mean JUST like it, I can't find a single difference so far.) and my mom threw it away because it was falling apart and some of the stuffing was coming out I think. Well Abby wasn't going to have that so she went outside and saved it from the dumpster, took it down to her room and has had it ever since. Many have tried to borrow the chair, commondere the chair, and even steal the chair from Abby to no avail. In fact so many people have asked for the chair that Abby has actually willed it to me. Abby has even taken it across the country to Virginia where she now lives. That's how great this chair is. make this story even longer, I found this twin sister chair at DI a couple of weeks ago and just about fainted! I ran to the chair and sat down commanding Spencer to go to the front of the store and buy it while I sat in it to stake claim. Now I have my own perfect chair and I've never been quite so happy.


Stephanie said...

That, my dear friend, is nothing short of a miracle. Congratulations on the new addition to the family!


You are NUTSO! In a perfect Kelsey sortof a way. So really we knew that already! You Blog looks good. I'm so proud!

Joe and Abby and Avonelle said...

This really is the greatest chair ever! Be fore I saved it from Mom she saved it from some neighbor. Yours is so much better looking because it is all the same color and all in one piece. Mine has lost all its buttons and faded to green on the top from when it sat out in the sun next to the curb, but it is still the most comfortable chair ever. And not only did I haul it cross country but I have kept it through 8 (yes 8) moves. And one of those I had to haul it up 3 flights of stairs by myself to get it into my college apartment. It was totally worth it.