Saturday, January 19, 2008


I have to amend the last post I made about being a mom. Spencer read it and was nearly offended. He says I do lots of stuff for me. I work, and go to school, and scrapbook, and go out with friends. So that got me thinking about how many mom's don't have the option of staying home with their babies and I started to feel bad. So I quit my job, (not that I work often, but once a week is still time away from Aliah) and I tried to drop out of school, but it just wasn't gonna happen because we would then have to pay back our grant money and we've already paid the bills with it. (Not that I go to school for me either. I do enjoy it, but I'm finishing because Spencer wants me too. I do think it's a good choice though.) I just had to get it out there that staying at home is a much better choice if you can, and I'm thankful for Spencer for helping me to see that.


andi said...

Hey friend! Super glad you found your phone, love your blog, i read it all the time. if i had anything of interest to write i would do my own. I LOVE YOU!!!

awarden said...

Don't feel bad about your comment. I don't think anyone thought that you didn't absolutely adore staying home and being a mom. And feeling that you have time for yourself has been the plight of mothers everywhere for ages. But you’re right you are lucky that you get to stay home. Especially with such a cute sweet baby.