Friday, January 11, 2008

Is there life outside of Motherhood?

One of Stephanie's resent blog posts said something that really caught my attention. She said, "Eventually I'll think of something to post that doesn't have to do with my children." And my first reaction was, "well what else is there?" I haven't stopped thinking about this post, which I'm sure she didn't intend to be thought provoking, for days now. I've been racking my brain trying to think of something I did that didn't have to do with Motherhood. I couldn't think of a thing, can you believe that! Going out with girlfriends to lunch and such doesn't really count because we've got four to five little kids between all of us that still demand our attention. It took until tonight when I started scrapbooking for me to realize I do still have a hobby! What a relief! Mothering is great and wonderful, but wow it's nice to do something just for yourself sometimes. And while it's true that I'm scrapbooking pictures of Aliah, it's still MY thing you know.


Stephanie said...

AMEN sister!!!!! I can't tell you the relief it was for me when I started decorating cakes, and teaching voice lessons, and my music group class. All of a sudden this real, honest to goodness, person came out from behind my sweet children. I was so refreshing to be my own person again. You scrapbook till your fingers bleed! And you play your piano, and lunch with friends counts, because I don't even get that! Find anything that brings you joy and expound on it. It makes you a better mom and a more well rounded person. I'm glad I could give you some insight. LOVE YOU!

AmberLee Hampshire said...

I'm glad you are scrapbooking. I just got a cricket, so if you ever want to use it, you can. Maybe we should start a scrapbook night or something, even once a month would be fun. I loved your pages at lunch the other day, they are way cute!!! -I enjoyed reading your blog too. I love the video with Aliah laughing.

awarden said...

I would love to have my time and life absorbed by a baby, but I do sympathize a little. The moms here in my ward do the funest stuff. If I didn't already want to be a mom, I would want to just so I could join the club. They have play group once a week, they have a walking group twice a week when it is warm, they have a book club (I do get to go to that), a sewing group, and yes they even have a scrap booking group. So you and all your cute little mom friends should rally together and start some kind of group. I'll be jealous.