Monday, January 28, 2008

One Amazing Home Teacher

I copied this quote from Tallie's page.
" May I ask that you join the conversation by participating on the Internet, particularly the New Media, to share the gospel and to explain in simple, clear terms the message of the Restoration. Most of you already know that if you have access to the Internet you can start a blog in minutes and begin sharing what you know to be true...perhaps now, more than ever, we have a major responsibility as Latter-day Saints to define ourselves, instead of letting others define us."
-Elder M. Russell Ballard

We've been asked by our Stake President to do 6 things.
1. Pray together each day
2. Read scriptures together every day
3. Eat one meal together each day
4. Go on a date every week
5. Have FHE every week
6. Go to the temple every month

Classic things that are very important. We have a great home teacher. On Sunday he asks us, "How can I help you?" A normal question, but instead of taking "nothing" for an answer he sits quietly and smiles at us until we give him a real one. We finally come up with, We aren't every good at having family night. So he says, okay, "What time will you have family night tomorrow?" We pick 7:00. He keeps going, "Who's going to prepare the lesson?" Spencer will. "Okay great, I'll ask you how your family nights have been when I see you next month." After he left Spencer and I were speechless. He totally pulled the missionary commitment pattern on us, and we didn't even notice! What an great home teacher he's being by committing us to work harder.

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Stephanie said...

I knew I read that quote somewhere! Thanks for sharing. And thanks for the list. Isn't it so nice to have a list. Something that is solid that you know you follow. Do you mind if Jake and I make it our list as well? And good for your home teacher. That's awesome! You better stick to your word! Love ya Kels