Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day! I certainly did. Aliah colored this picture for me in nursery. It's the first thing she's ever made me and I think it's totally adorable. I know I can't keep every paper but this one I've got to store away!

Spencer made the day special for me too. He bought me See's Candy chocolates!!! They are the yummiest ever and were hand picked so I only got the kind I like. And we went shopping for a new camera! This is my old camera.

Do you see the button sticking out of the top? That's the power and shutter button. Needless to say it's beyond broken. I've been using a disposable one for a while, but it seems like it will be forever until the pictures get developed. I feel like I'm back in the Ice Age. How did we ever survive? Anyway THIS is my new camera!

It's purple!! I love it. It has way more mega pixels and is small enough to carry in my pocket. Plus the part I was really sure to get in this new camera is that it takes video
with sound. My old one couldn't do that. So I expect to take a lot more little videos and blog a bunch more because Aliah will be so much easier to show off! I actually picked getting a new camera for Mother's Day. Spencer told me later he was going to get me a Cricut machine. (It's the best scrapbooking machine ever for those of you who don't know.) I was disappointed for about ten minutes and then was over it. This camera is going to be so much more useful with the new baby coming soon and Aliah growing up so fast. Thanks to Spence for working so hard so that we could afford it!

So Happy Mother's Day again to all of you. You are all such fantastic examples of what I can strive to be like as a mother. You all amaze me! Thank you so much!


Stephanie said...

Awesome camera! Yeah for mother's day huh? I was telling Jake, it was super lame until I became a mom. Now it's fun again! I sure do love, and always think about you lots this time of year with all these beautiful spring flowers and mothers day. Can't wait to see all your fun new pictures.

Colette said...

Such a cute picture!! Enjoy the new camera..I love taking videos with mine there so fun to go back and look at.

Heather said...

SO FUNNY! I have a Nikon cool pix too. It is the love of my life. You will totally LOVE having it!

Howse Family said...

Kelsie...if I had known that you would save that picture, I would have gone back for the original one I had typed up and printed off the computer, it looked much better! But I forgot them at home, and had to make one really fast at church for the kids to color!! :) Aliah was so fun to have in nursery!!!