Saturday, July 26, 2008

One Week

We had a great first week of Inara's life! Here are some highlights. (And a lowlight.)

We thought we'd start her out right by teaching her the importance of a healthy glow, so we got this baby tanning bed for her!

Her bilirubin levels were high so she's been in here all week. They're on their way down, but we haven't yet been given the okay to take her out. At least she looks peaceful.

Inara also learned to suck her thumb already. She's still a bit clumsy with it, but I'm sure she'll figure it out soon. Aliah got the hang of it by three months and has slept through the night ever since. Lets all keep our fingers crossed that Inara will do as well!

Our first outing (except for to the hospital for tests) was for fireworks on the 24th. And the next day we all went to the park to get outside finally. (The picture is all fuzzy, but the flowers are still beautiful!)

Happy one week Inara!


Howse Family said...

she's so cute!! and those lights are TERRIBLE!! unless you aren't as stressed out as I was when Ashlyn was in them. She had to be in them on christmas eve and day. no fun. hope she is finished with them soon! I have a something for you guys...can I drop it by sometime?

Andrea said...

She's so sweet!

Stephanie said...

Can I just gobble her up right now? She is SO delectable!!!! Thank you so much for the update. I want to know what is going on every second of her little life. I love the picture of you and your two girls. You are such a beautiful mom.

Michelle said...

She is adorable! I am definitely lovin' the chubs!!! She's such a sweet little blessing.
I remember that baby luggage looking thing being the pits- kind of like baby solitary confinement. The funny thing is the babies don't seem to mind it. Oh, and let me just say you look FANTASTIC Kels!


She is so sweet. I hope you can get rid of the bili lights soon.

Heather said...

SO SO SO CUTE! Makes me want one too..... Uh Oh... that could be the starts of a dangerous road.