Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall Fun and a Bunch of Pictures (A Power Post)

We went to the pumpkin patch today. I've never been before. I didn't really like it, but that was probably because I was by myself. And Inara was crying most of the time. This picture turned out really cute though, and I'm already dreaming up the perfect scrapbook page to compliment it. (Someday I'll post my pages.) Doesn't Aliah's smile in this picture just melt your heart? She's so much fun.

She wanted her picture taken with all of these. She got her head stuck once. It was pretty funny. She didn't care about anything there, not even the animals. Except for the ducks of course. She always likes ducks.

Here Aliah is painting pumpkins with her cousins Tavia and Joanna. I think Joanna looks so pretty. (She's the one looking at the camera.) Her dimples are so cute. (Tavia is adorable too, but you can't really see her face.) Aliah had so much fun. She loves crafts and things that let her work with her hands. Eventually she started eating the paint so we had to make her stop. We'll see if there are any long term effects when she starts school. :)

(Oh funny side story. The other day I was writing a card to someone, a real card with a pen. And I drew a smily face like this. :) Like I was typing. I laughed so hard. We sure live in a technical era huh. I can't even write normal anymore!)

These are the girls Halloween Party outfits. I didn't want their costumes ruined before the big day.

Lets see, what else?

This was kind of funny. We left the girls with Spencer's mom for a couple of hours and forgot diapers, so when I picked them up Inara was in this towel. It's a good thing she wasn't with someone in my generation because they wouldn't have know how to use a cloth diaper. We were so lucky. It made me think about using cloth diapers all the time. It seems a lot more environmentaly friendly, plus I'm sure it's better on the baby's sensitive skin. They still have diaper services right?

My sister Abby and Brother-in-Law Joey were here from Virginia. It was great. We had a baby shower for Abby, and went to the BYU game together. (Go Courgars!)

We made lots and lots of applesauce and various other apple things. It was a good harvest.

Here are my spoils, minus the stuff we already ate, and the other 2/3 that stayed at my sister Sarah's house. We also did peaches and apricots this year.

Here's my unbelievable handsome husband, (seriously he's like a movie star!) with my two beautiful children. I'm the luckiest person in the world.

This last picture is my favorite. What a gorgeous little girl Inara is turning into! Her smile is kind of goofy, but I just had to show it off. It's so big, and when she sees me she always smiles like this. It just melts me. (Like Aliah's smile in the first picture.)

I'll leave you with this little video. We call this freestyle walking.

Being a mom is SO great!


Stephanie said...

Whew, I had to take notes because I had so much to say about this power post. We'll start at the beginning. 1.Look at all of Aliah's HAIR!! She get's more beautiful every day. 2.Start posting your scrapbook pages! I want to see them! 3.I love the Halloween party outfits. I'll have to try that next year.
4. You Green sisters(and in-laws) are stunning! That picture of you especially. I need that dress, and hair.
5.Where did all the apples come from? I'm planning on taking a few jars home with me in Decemner!
6.The family picture is so sweet. Your hubby really is quite handsome! I've always thought so...ever since I was 16! 7. last, but certainly not least, that smile makes me SO happy. I want to have it as my desktop picture so that every time I go to my computer I see that big goofy grin! Thanks for bringing those little angles into the world Kels. This world needs as many little Kelsey's as it can get!

(I told you I had lots to say!)

Joe and Abby and Avonelle said...

I love those girls! Thers smile make me so happy. and Aliah makes me laugh out loud. Thanks for the power post.

Lauren Clyde said...

Aha haa ha ha! Inara's smile put a Big smile on my face! That face is too cute!! At least you catch up on your blog posts. I'm really bad at posting regularly. I loved the video of Aliah's "freestyle" walking, she was totally in character with the whole gangster, saggy jeans!

My sister Lisa told me that they had a good time with you and spencer on the scavenger hunt and they really liked you guys :o) I'm going to post pictures of that event soon!!!


Inara's smile is sooo cute! Sorry you hated the pumpkin year you can come with me =)

Cynthia said...

I'm sorry you didn't have fun at the pumpkin patch, I was dying to go but we never had time. Your girls are are their smiles :) that is a pretty nifty machine spencer is using, is that how you make applesauce (i have no idea how to can but I'm dying to learn).

Colette said...

How Cute Kels- your girls are so so adorable!! I was totally planning on coming down to the pumpkin patch but was really sick that day :( so sorry we didn't make looks like fun though!

Heather said...

So much going on. Cute fam, and of course GO UTES!

Chad and Oléa Gough Family said...

Your family is so adorable! Aliah reminds me so much of my little A.J. at that age. Thanks for the wonderful memories!!